Texas SB 820 Cybersecurity Law

Sep 01, 2019

Texas SB 820 goes into effect on 1 September 2019 that requires every school district in Texas to adopt a cybersecurity policy, manage cybersecurity risk and assign a coordinator to oversee cybersecurity matters. This is a very concise law that can be read Texas SB 820

The main requirements are:

(b) Each school district shall adopt a cybersecurity policy to:

(1) secure district cyberinfrastructure against cyber attacks and other cybersecurity incidents; and

(2) determine cybersecurity risk and implement mitigation planning.

(d) The superintendent of each school district shall designate a cybersecurity coordinator to serve as a liaison between the district and the agency in cybersecurity matters.

(e) The district's cybersecurity coordinator shall report to the agency any cyber attack or other cybersecurity incident against the district cyberinfrastructure that constitutes a breach of system security as soon as practicable after the discovery of the attack or incident.

(f) The district's cybersecurity coordinator shall provide notice to a parent of or person standing in parental relation to a student enrolled in the district of an attack or incident for which a report is required under Subsection (e) involving the student's information.

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