Multiple Company Discounts

Do you need to cover subsidiaries or multiple companies?

Our licensing model is structured for a single legal entity (e.g., single corporation, LLC, partnership, sole proprietor, state or county government, etc.). This means that if you need to cover subsidiaries or multiple businesses/organizations, it requires buying a license for each of these legal entities that are going to use the product(s). However, we have a pricing structure to provide significant discounts for customers who need to cover multiple entities - up to 70% off!

Discount Structure

We provide a very generous discount for customers that need to cover multiple entities. This discounted pricing is restricted to a defined number of licenses that are covered by the same Purchase Order (PO). Discounted pricing is not applicable to "piecemeal" purchases of products over time.

License Quantity Discount (%)
1 0%
2 10%
3 20%
4 30%
5-9 40%
10-14 50%
15-19 60%
20+ 70%

Example Multiple License Discount Pricing

The discounts apply for both single products or bundles. As you can see from below, getting significant savings off of an already discounted bundle can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in savings:

Item Unit Price Qty Non-Discounted Total Discount % Discounted Total
CDPP $1,450 3 $4,350 20% $3,480
NCP $4,480 5 $22,400 40% $13,440
DSP Bundle #3 (already discounted 45%) $17,875 10 $178,750 50% $89,375


If you have any questions about how to get a customized quote, please contact us so we can help answer your questions.

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