ComplianceForge References & Industries Served

We stand behind the quality of our work as security professionals

We've been writing quality security documentation since 2005. In that time, we've served clients across nearly every industry and size. Our clients range from well-known Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses, both within the US and internationally. We've proved time and again that our cybersecurity documentation is flexible enough to work in any organization and can scale accordingly. 

Industries We Serve - Our Clients Range From the Fortune 500 down to Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs)

ComplianceForge is "corporate America's dirty little secret" where our documentation solutions are used extensively by some of the most well-known US and international brands. Our clients appreciate ComplianceForge's ability to deliver high-quality, editable documentation the same business day, since it can save thousands of hours of labor and that equates to immediate and significant savings.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of industries where our products have been successfully implemented:

- Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)
- Financial Planners & Wealth Managers
- Banks & Credit Unions
- Bookkeepers

Technology Companies
- Hardware Manufacturers
- IT Consultants
- Software Companies
- Website Developers
- Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
- Auditors
- Cybersecurity Consultants

- Hospitals
- Doctors
- Dentists
- Physical Therapists
- Chiropractors
- Medical Billing
- Elder Care Facilities

- Business Analysts
- Management Consultants
- Defense Contractors (DoD)
- Federal Government Contractors
- Federal Government Agencies
- State Government Agencies
- Local Municipalities
- Regional Airports
- Law Enforcement

- Lawyers
- Court Reporters
- Privacy Professionals

Real Estate
- Brokers
- Real Estate Offices
- Title Companies
- Developers
- Property Management

- Oil & Natural Gas
- Coal
- Electric
- Nuclear

Construction & Manufacturing
- Commercial
- Residential
- Architects
- Retail Products
- Fabrication
- Firearms Industry

Hospitality & Food Services
- Hotels / Resorts
- Restaurants
- Casinos / Gaming
- Coffee Shops

Retail (B&M) & Services
- Health Clubs / Gyms
- Credit Monitoring / ID Theft
- Janitorial
- Human Resources / Recruiting

Non-Profits & Associations
- Chambers of Commerce
- Clubs
- Non-Profits

- Universities & Colleges
- School Districts

We understand that no one wants to "fly blind" in their purchasing decisions and that is why we offer so many examples for your review. In addition to the product examples and videos, we are more than happy to setup a video teleconference session to do a more detailed walkthrough of our documentation to help answer your product-related questions, ensuring you find the right fit for your specific needs.

Client References

When it comes to providing client names for references, we respect the privacy of our clients and refrain from providing the names of the companies we serve, even if that means losing a sale due to your organization's internal review process that might require client references. Here are our reasons for this business practice:

Look at it from the perspective that ComplianceForge is a "toolmaker" that sells specialized tools, no different than a quality hammer or screwdriver. In this context as a toolmaker, we provide basic instructions on how to use these tools, but how you actually use it is outside of our control and completely up to you for how it is implemented. For example, it is no different than how Craftsman or SnapOn can’t prevent someone from using one of their screwdrivers as a pry bar, where the tool is used incorrectly or for purposes it wasn't designed. Just like any tool, in the right hands and with proper usage you can build anything!

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